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Quick, Profitable Makeover!

When it comes to selling a property you want to achieve the most you possibly can. Janet approached me, having had the property rented out for years, she wanted a quick, cost effective update to the property put it on the market for sale. Janet needed a quick turn around.

When styling to sell, it is very different as you are not working with a clients brief of how they use their home or even what they like and dislike. You need to look at the property itself to see who it would appeal to, i.e. young families or maybe a starter property. Only after you have gathered all that data can then come up with a design that would suit the ideal buyer.

The kitchen and lounge were closed off and made the rooms downstairs feel small and dark. We were on a tight budget and  had to consider the cost of the changes, keeping in mind the spend didn’t amount more than Janet was looking to achieve on the sale price. Knowing the market in that area is also beneficial, my links with several local estate agents came into play here.

The wall between the lounge and kitchen was not a supporting wall so could be removed very cheaply and they would gain so much more light and clear sight lines front to back, it also allowed for a dining table to seat a family as opposed to a couple.

Bankfoot Grays Essex

Wall removed to open up the space.

BankFoot Essex

Painted kitchen units and tiles for a fresh modern look.

To bring the property up-to date and entice buyers we painted the wooden kitchen cupboards and shelves in a mid grey, with painted tiles in a copper colour. All walls were repainted to freshen up and tone with the kitchen and make it feel lighter and larger. We removed the carpets and replaced them all in a neutral silver grey.

The bathroom had clean white tiles, to give new life into this room we chose a rich emerald green and the tile grout was transformed with a black grout pen, adding drama and texture.

The new buyer has a modern looking home, enabling them to put their own stamp on it in time.

Bathroom Grays Essex

Bringing life to the bathroom with paint and black grout lines.

Remove wall to give a more modern open plan feel

Spacious, light family area.

Grays Essex Bedroom

Fresh bedrooms.

Janet was very happy with the result. The property was sold on the first day of going on the market and we had added £20,000 profit to the property from the original agents proposed listing price!

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