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Great place to start!

No matter what size of project or budget – I always recommend starting with an Inspirational Visit. Why? It gives you an opportunity to meet with me and for me to show you where your project could go and how I can help.

I understand that choosing an interior designer, or even deciding to have one can seem quite daunting at first. So many uncertainties and questions…How much will it cost? Is my project too small? What will I gain that I can’t do myself? Hopefully, I’ve helped to answer some of those questions on my website – but I find a visit gives you the opportunity to see the answers for yourself – that’s why I recommend all of my clients, no matter the scope of a project to start with an Inspirational Visit.

When we take your project to the next stage, the cost of the Inspirational Visit is deducted – so you really have nothing to lose!

What can I expect from an Inspirational Visit?

An Inspirational Visit provides you with a great opportunity to get professional interior design advice and have a clear vision of where your project can go! This goes beyond a visit from Ann – you’ll be provided with a full Client Brief, detailing colours, suggestive layouts, ideas on furniture and textures.

It gives Ann the opportunity to see your home first hand and start the process of possible concepts. It’s time to learn more about how your space fits in with your family/pets – or maybe, more importantly, how you want it to work more effectively. Taking time to listen to your needs, your style likes (and dislikes too!) and learn more about your vision for the space.

After the visit you’ll receive a full client brief. Detailing preliminary suggestions, along with images and colour swatches. This gives you an overview of where your project can go, along with confirming that your needs and preferences have been understood. Along with the full brief, you’ll receive a quote to take the design further with a comprehensive Design Package.

Thinking Outside The Box

Who would ever describe their room, home or workplace as a box?
The trouble with approaching any challenge with the mindset of “thinking outside the box” is the belief that there’s even a box to begin with. While seemingly harmless, such an assumption restricts the potential, creating a reference point that limits possibilities that you might otherwise take into account. Ann doesn’t do boxes – she sees spaces, the people living in them and the potential of what could be.


Great for wedding, birthday and Christmas presents.
Gift vouchers are available for our Inspirational Visits.


Like everyone else, I have had to adapt the way I work over the last few years.

Many services are available online and I assure you with no compromise on quality. The power of Zoom has enabled me to reach clients further away, more cost effectively and is often the chosen way by many of my clients regardless of location.

Creating inspirational spaces in which to live and work, making your dreams a reality.

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