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What do interior designers do? by Ann Cope

Before deciding on what market, I was going to target for interior design, I did some research and realised that there was a large proportion of people who believed interior designers are only available to rich people.

As I am so passionate about design in the home and having a home that you can call home and that makes you smile every day. I decided that I wanted to offer interior design to everyone, there are many interior designers out there that the rich can call on, however that share in the marketplace was not for me (I’m not saying I can’t create designs like that) I wanted to work with you the everyday person like me. (We all deserve to have a great designed home).

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On talking with other people, I have come to realise that like many jobs that someone is trained in that we don’t actually know what is involved and what that professional can do for you.

This got me thinking that you probably don’t realise what its like and involved when working for an interior designer.

So, I set about asking my client different questions to establish if they really understand what is included, how we work and what we can do for you as a client.

That’s where this comes in, I want my design clients to bring their design problems/dilemmas to me and feel that I am approachable. What we don’t always realise that many of the interior designers are, even ones with names in the industry.

I believe one of the great things about designers that they are friendly and easy to chat with, it’s the nature of the job.

So, what should you expect from contacting an interior designer…?

  • Normally a client would contact me via my website either by filling out the contact form or with a phone call, some even message me vis my Facebook or Instagram pages.
  • Whichever way you reach out to me I would suggest we have an informal chat about your project, and I would advise on how I tend to work. Sometimes we do this instantly or we may book in a call that’s at a convenient time for us both. It should take around 20/30 minuets this is done either by phone or over a zoom call as it’s nice to meet who you are talking too.
  • Whilst on the call we will discuss your project, what the issues are and where you live. I would normally recommend an Inspirational visit.
  • If this is something you wish to book immediately, I will then arrange a mutual date and time, you would be sent a confirmation email and invoice for the visit, or you may wish to discuss with a partner or take some time to think about it.
  • The inspirational does have a fee to cover the visit and time that I spend with you that tends to last up to two hours, you will then receive a detailed brief of the discussions we had in the meeting and any other ideas I add, this can include suggested furniture layouts, colour schemes etc.
  • I would then offer a free no obligation quote for a design package bespoke to your requirements (there are no one package fits all) you will receive the proposal with details of everything I will cover as per our discussions of where you need the assistance. The best part about this is you will receive a refund of the inspirational visit if you decide to instruct me to work on a design package for you.
  • If instructed I would send an invoice for 50% of the fee to start the process and the balance will be due on completion of the package.
  • I would then arrange a time with you to do a site visit to take measurement’s and before photos of the room/s. with all this in hand I can start the design concept.
  • Depending on your agreed requirement’s this can include space planning in 2D layouts, including the exact size of furniture suitable for the space and needs, moodboard of the colour scheme and feel.
  • Once this stage is agreed then we can go into a more detailed design that includes 3D visuals and renders, samples for paint, fabric and materials, and the concept board. You will have access to your own dashboard that we can communicate about your design through.
  • I will then arrange another visit with yourself to present the detailed concept for approval. If any amendments needed these will be done and we can sign off the design.
  • If you are arranging to implement the design yourself. I will provide a detailed shopping lists with links to all the items, a. design layout in 2D and 3D a brief with regards to placements of decorative pieces. Or you have the option for me to take this all of you. I can provide a no obligation quote (again bespoke to you) to project manage the whole process this can include obtaining quotes and tradesman, coordinate works with start and end dates. Purchase all the agreed and then come and dress the room for the completed look.
Saving on Interior Design

The best part about this is when I order items for you if there are any trade discounts, I will apply these, they normally more than cover the cost of me doing the implementation, leaving you to enjoy your day-to-day life and taking this part away from yourself.

I hope this helps and you can see that interior design is available and affordable to all…


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