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We’ve got piles!

No not the uncomfortable type but the type that go in the ground to support the foundations and walls… W-H-O-A the extension is larger than we thought!!

Over the last 4 weeks we’ve been slowly boxing our belongings and moving them into storage. Now’s the time for us to move out into our Annex which we made by converting part of our house, we had been letting tis out as a one bedroom holiday let… I’m sure you can imagine its going to be a bit of a squeeze. We did this a couple of years ago and considering it’s been let out still looks as good as when we converted it, all thanks to the superior Autentico products that we used to paint it…check out my previous blogs to see what products we used.

We’re not just extending but refurbishing the whole house which includes replacement windows… you guessed it the windows in the annex are being changed as well so it could get a little chilly, let’s just hope the rain holds out! (well it is May after all).

Teddy our cockerpoo and Musto our cat are both a bit confused, Teddy stopped eating for three days and the cat is in hiding 

Dinner times are cosy with my teenage daughter and son of 21 plus girlfriend. They are still living in the main house in makeshift bedrooms… not sure how they’ll will feel when the stairs come out and the heating goes off.

Welcome to our temporary home

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