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How I Transformed my Guest Bathroom

In my last few blog posts, I’ve invited you all into my Little Lodge and showed you everything that I’ve done to transform a dark corridor of empty rooms into a beautiful short-term holiday rental that my guests can truly enjoy.

I’ve shown you my open-planned kitchen, the living room and romantic bedroom. This week, I’ll be sharing the last room of the Little Lodge – the bathroom!

For this, I wanted to create a space that would make you want to spend hours chilling in a bubble bath until your fingers turned wrinkly.

Super relaxing and calm, so it was almost like a home away from home.

The bathroom was a huge project for me because I knew exactly what design and colour palette I wanted, I just needed to find my favourite pieces to make up the room.

I began the hunt for a large shower (large enough to walk into, but not too large that it became a wet room…), and a bathtub that was a certain shape so you could just sink in it, and a certain depth so you could hide in it.

I told you I had the perfect vision!

To keep everything else looking clean and minimal against a large shower and bath, I chose Autentico Versante Matt in Roman White to coat the walls. This formula not only has a built-in water membrane for moisture www.ncmh.info/xanax-alprazolam-anxiety-panic-disorder/ control, but is completely scratch resistance and has a UV filter that ensures long lasting colour pigment for up to 5 years. Making it the perfect paint for bathroom walls.

The rest of the room is finished with smooth tiles that have a textured finish, that can be wiped down easily and maintains a minimal feel for this space.

I chose light-toned wooden flooring to bring a fresh and spacious feel whilst still maintaining a natural colour palette. The room looks lovely and bright!

I added simple ornaments onto the windowsill and sink basin, which can be used as storage when my guests arrive – such as a large bowl that could hold skincare products.

The ‘hole-in-the-wall’ is also a great feature to add in extra storage without taking up too much space. If this bathroom was used all year round, I would keep my body wash and lotions here, but as this is a guest bathroom, I have added a statue that injects interest and sophistication.

I spent a lot of time designing this bathroom and I am so beyond happy with the outcome. I absolutely love it and hope you do too!

Thank you for following the journey of my Little Lodge.

I’m almost tempted to move into it myself.

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