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Homes have 5 x more pollution than outdoors

We are all used to pollution caused by cars and power stations, in fact we’ve almost become oblivious to it. But, if I told you your home probably contains 5 x more pollution than outdoors, would you believe me?

According to the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics, a 2016 study claimed that breathing in dirty indoor air has been responsible for over 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK.

People with serious allergies may immediately feel the effects of poor air quality, with signs of fatigue, dizziness and headaches and could potentially suffer long-term effects.

Even though banishing all pollution from your home is impossible, you can take the right steps to improve the air quality you inhale.

So, what are the right steps?

Born and Elinor Barikor are parents of two young boys that have life-threatening allergies to almost everything, meaning that they have to be incredibly careful and alert at all times. To give their sons the best chance, they spent £1,325,000 on making a ‘healthy house’ from low-toxin materials with mechanical air filtration systems.

The boys, 5 and 7, suffered from asthma attacks fortnightly, now they’re rare!

The Barikors now have 70% cleaner air and they put it down to minimising harmful toxic chemicals known as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

To start their healthier journey, they confided in allergy expert doctor, Dr Andy Whittamore, who told them that “some paints contain chemicals that can trigger asthma attacks, so it’s best to get ones which are low in VOC’s or low-odour, water-based paints”.

At Autentico, all of our paints are created with both you and your environment in mind. That’s why all of our products contain low VOC’s and absolutely no toxic chemicals or harmful binders and fillers. Each paint formula contains a built-in water membrane to allow the product and surface to breathe with ease.

Autentico products are almost odourless and is completely child-safe and eco-friendly.

Don’t risk increasing the pollution in your home by buying harmful paints!

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