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Do Colours Impact our Mood?

Many artists and interior designers believe that colour can dramatically change your mood, feelings and emotions, making some of us respond differently to the same colour.

Does blue make you feel a sense of calmness or sadness? Does yellow make you anxious or maybe it puts a grinning smile on your face?

It might even come down to the shade of a certain colour, as pastel yellow might relax you whereas canary yellow could remind you of warning signs, causing nervousness.

So, with that in mind, what do the colours of your walls make you feel?

When you walk into your home, do you notice a shift when you are surrounded by different colours?

You might feel refreshed in a light blue and white bathroom, feel calm and cosy in a dark brown living room, passionate in your red bedroom and sad and unproductive in your grey study.

With this in mind, it seems odd to paint the walls in your home a colour that encourages negative feelings, especially when the rooms are a direct reflection of your personality. Which is why it’s so important (and probably the most difficult part of decorating) to choose your colours wisely.

Often, people opt for paint colours that follow a current trend (do you have mustard and grey in your home at the moment?), but you don’t have to worry about trends in order to have a beautiful home that expresses your personality. Colour trends almost force a certain mood, for example, the mustard and grey can radiate energy, cheerfulness and joy (mustard) as well as peace, balance and strength (grey).

What mood do you want to create? Which colours will help you achieve that mood?

Head to Interior-Colours to browse over 150 colour options and decide for yourself just what shades encourage the best version of yourself.

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