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sustainable choices

At Ann Cope Interior Design, our aim is always to create beautiful designs that benefit our clients’ happiness and wellness. But what about the wellness of our planet?
In the UK alone, we send over 200 million tonnes of products to landfill every single year. The construction industry is thought to be responsible for over half of this figure – and interior fixtures and furnishings are contributing to this colossal amount of waste on an alarming scale.
This means that, as interior designers, we have a vital role to play in reducing waste and finding more responsible and environmentally friendly ways of doing business.

We’re making more sustainable choices

We always try to steer our clients towards sustainable options.

  • Many suppliers do offer sustainable ranges that contain ethically sourced goods. We work with them where it is viable to do so, and take every company’s eco credentials into consideration whenever we’re sourcing products. We also look at items in the home that can be repurposed or upcycled.
  • Carbon offsetting methods are ingrained into our business and our clients’ projects, and we seek to reduce our energy usage at every level. We have also signed up to a tree planting initiative.
  • We only ever buy FSC and/or PEFC certified paper products.
  • We regularly purchase goods and services locally from small businesses in order to support our community.
  • We do everything we can to reduce our digital footprint, which involves reducing our online storage; archiving old emails; clearing out duplicated documents; and unsubscribing from junk emails.
  • We’ve used ethical banks since day one.
  • All our electrical waste is donated to TechTakeback, a ‘pay what you can’ service that gives technology a second life.
  • As a company, we now only use Ecosia – the green search engine that donates 80% of its profits to non-profits that focus on reforestation.
  • We walk, cycle, and use public transport as often as we can.

We’re raising awareness

Operating responsibly involves looking at all aspects of our supply chain and making business choices that support better living standards for all.

  • We work to eradicate slave labour from our business processes.
  • We regularly donate to the Cookstove Project, which works to reverse the devastating impact of open fire cooking on sub-Saharan Africa by training families to build and maintain their own clean stoves.
  • We are involved in several local sustainability groups and Circular Economy groups that promote reusing, recycling and upcycling otherwise wasted products.
  • We are open to mentoring students and designers who are new to their craft and have a distinct interest in sustainability in our field.
  • We ensure all designers, makers and suppliers are treated well and paid fairly for their time and expertise.

Making a difference: our declaration

We have recently become a member of Business Declares, an organisation for companies that are committed to authentic climate action. Signing up with the scheme was far from a vanity project for us; we stand with them in acknowledging the Climate and Ecological Emergency and wanting to do everything humanly possible to reduce our social and environmental impact.

Ann Cope Interior Design is proud to be joining Business Declares and the fast-growing network of businesses who acknowledge the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Concern for both people and the planet are not new to us and we look forward to continuing to share our journey and ensuring our voice is part of the collective, resounding call for change. We are certainly not claiming to be perfect, neither are we judging others, instead we are part of a coalition of the willing looking to collaborate and accelerate action while continuing to highlight the challenges and uncomfortable truths.

Joining B1G1

In order to join forces with the thousands of members who have already created giving impacts – and become a true Business for Good – we have also joined the B1G1 initiative. This allows us to deliver resources to the high impact projects of our choosing with ease, and in turn, integrate giving into the very fabric of our business.

Moving forward

We’ve got so many ideas in the pipeline, and there are so many other fantastic causes we want to support. This page will be updated every time we introduce a new sustainable system, process, or initiative to our business, so keep checking back to see what’s next for Ann Cope Interior Design!

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