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First home designed to last

David & Maria, Chelmsford

Living Room Makeover

Inspirational Visit – followed by full design and project management

David & Maria from Chelmsford, Essex, reached out to me as they were soon to complete on their first home, they needed help with their living room, dining room, and hall. As always, I recommended an inspirational visit to help them determine their style preferences, and then we worked closely with the couple to create a design that captured their vision. I provided proposals for colours, textures, decor, and furniture that aligned with what David & Maria wanted. They were so pleased I captured their tastes from the start. They both work as civil servants that kept them both very busy and wanted me to take on the project management also.
I was able to pull together a team of trustworthy contractors to complete the bulk of the renovation works in just a few weeks. There was a short time scale as they needed to move from rented to the new house with just a 3-week window overlap. I was able to keep the couple informed of the progress and was always available to answer any questions they had.

The budget didn’t allow for the wall between the lounge and dining room to come down, so we continued the wallpaper along both walls, so it had an allusion they were one. The layouts were tricky as due to windows we had little choice which wall the TV could go on, the issue for me was aesthetics as the wall had a door to an understairs cupboard which was like a big elephant in the room. I once again got creative and had some wooden slats from “Nature wall” added to create a feature at the same time as disguising a door existed.

To help future proof future works, that we had discussed recommended that the radiator in the dining room we were updating be moved along the wall so the new floor would not have to be wasted once they could move on to having the wall between the dining room and kitchen removed.

David & Maria were thrilled with the result. The clients said that they were pleased with my professionalism and responsiveness to make the process as stress-free as possible. Also saying they would highly recommend me to anyone looking to renovate their home.

“Ann provided interior design and project managed a complete renovation of our living-dining space plus some extra bits around the house, and we were really pleased with the result. She was particularly good at capturing our style preferences and her proposals of colours, textures, decor and furniture were often spot on with what we wanted.

Ann was able to pull together and manage various trustworthy contractors in a very short space of time, who got the bulk of the renovation works done within a few weeks.”

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