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Looks for 2023 in the interior design world

Looks for 2023 by Ann Cope

What’s standing out in 2023?

 Even though the Pantone colour of 2023 is a bold pink we are seeing a trend full of autumnal colours, warm browns, dusky oranges, mustards, and ochre. This fits closely with us wanting our homes to feel cosy and a safe haven that this Nostalgia trend gives us.

 After the last few years, we are looking towards more Nostalgic design choices where they can bring old and familiar pieces together in the home. Giving you a sense of calm with familiarity.

One of the newest trends that still seems to be growing is “Japandi” a mix of Japanese and Scandi design. Both are about clean lines, and storage solutions with a calm and understated look and feel with a closeness to nature.

Colours I believe will prove popular? 

We are seeing many designers and homeowners using more bold colours and wallpapers and bringing a sense of fun to the designs.

Green tones have become more popular this year and what a perfect colour that gives us a sense of calm, and improves our health and well-being, nature is all around us and predominately green these leads to a feeling of bringing the outside into our homes. 

It is one of the only colours on the colour spectrum that is soothing to the eyes as it is the one our eyes can see the easiest. For those that are not as brave and want a more neutral palette, you will see velvet textures in mushroom colours being used.


Sustainable/eco-friendly options, it’s been talked about a lot in 2022, will it continue?

I don’t believe sustainable/ eco-friendly products will ever go away, we are more conscious of the environment as a world, and this will only become more popular. 2022 brought about more new repair shops which have been influenced by Jay Blades TV show “The Repair Shop” giving old broken pieces a new life, this trend is called “Circular economy design.”

Also, homes that offer temperature regulation either from the beginning of the build or with new technologies and insulation being added after. This sits nicely under this, as we are more concerned with the rising energy costs and how the seasons are stranger than before with freaky temperatures.

Sustainability Ann Cope

A couple of tips for those who are looking to give their room/home a boost in 2023, something they might not always take into consideration.

When choosing wall colours remember that every room has six walls, what I mean by this is that the colour of the ceiling and floors affect the wall colours and if this has not been taken into consideration you will find that the wall colours are not the shade you were hoping for. 

When I use bold colours, I would not use pure white on the ceiling, as many of us do, I would go for a softer white with a grey undertone, this stops the wall colour from being overpowered and you should then have the look you desired.

Don’t forget that natural light affects our room colours, the direction of the room should always be taken into consideration. Like a North facing room, many believe by painting it white it will feel brighter. This is not the case a room that has no natural warm light will always appear cold and gloomy. By adding a warm undertone in a mid-to-dark colour this room would become welcoming and cosy.

Whilst out walking why not take some garden shears and forage branches and plants, you don’t need to be able to design flowers. Just add to a vase one by one and enjoy the pleasure they give.

Some other things I feel are important to mention.

Lighting has become more important in the home and “Biodynamic lighting” is an artificial light that follows the body’s rhythms. This helps with sleep patterns and helps with the overall health within. You could say this is linked closely with the Japandi trend.

With more people wanting that Nostalgic look using new pieces and antique pieces together, we are going to see more eclectic homes throughout the year.

Furniture with texture and repeated patterns are also continuing to be popular.

As a result of the previous few years that resulted in more of us working from home, we have seen a larger trend of home offices being built in the gardens and this is still popular today. 

 This really shows how design is influenced by socioeconomic and technological factors around the world.

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